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Logs harvesting

Forest harvesting of logs

Slaughtering and logging are done by forestry contractors with whom we work on a regular basis. They undertake to respect the regulations applicable in the forest, the contract of sale and the operating constraints indicated by the client, the forest area (preservation of regeneration, trees of the future, make good use of access roads and storage ...), soils and water (take into account the weather conditions to choose the period of intervention, recover non-recyclable waste ...).

These good forestry practices are part of a sustainable forest management approach supported by the PEFC system. We mainly buy wood from PEFC certified forests. Our commitment to the PEFC Forest Certification Program demonstrates our commitment to participate in sustainable forest management by selling PEFC certified timber for sale.

After logging in the forest, the logs are brought to the sawmill by our logging truck for processing. The supply is made in an area 150 km east of the sawmill, mainly in the regions of Upper Normandy, Lower Normandy and the Pays de la Loire